Past Trends That Are Still Keeping Disaster Recovery a Must

Data loss is a big thing that can sometimes be lost amongst big organizations for a range of reasons, including cyberattacks, equipment failure and as well as natural disasters.

Backup Rule of Three

The backup rule of three consists of 3 main things any organization must have in order to keep any data safe from anything that may happen:

  • One being you must have three copies of any type of information that may be important to you or your organization.
  • Two being having multiple storage media devices for storing important information. Including a storage service called cloud backup plus a CD. Another option would be to have memory sticks paired with a hard drive. You can never have enough storage media devices in order to make sure all your data is safe.
  • Last would be to have some sort of off-site backup in case of a natural disaster; that way, you have your data accessible from another location in case your main location suffers a significant loss.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Make sure your cloud-based services have a very strong backup and disaster recovery. It is important not to keep all your essential information in one single cloud storage as that can be detrimental to your organization. You must have multiple different cloud storage services and must perform weekly backups to ensure your data is safe.

Making Sure to Educate Everyone Working Within the Organization

It is very important to educate and re-educate any persons working for the organization to prepare in case of any disaster that may need to take place that you have to back up from, in case your data information is corrupt or lost. So educating any decision-maker is extremely important for the sake of the organization. As many organization’s main IT people don’t feel confident when going to recover data when a disaster occurs.