Disaster Restoration Conferences in Canada

There is not a lot of information about disaster restoration conferences other than almost all of them consist of topics such as climate change, community resilience and disaster response and recovery. They are an excellent place for expanding networking and listen to various speakers across North America. With many different things to learn about new plans, what they have learned from the past, and what they plan to do in the future.

Ontario Demcon

Ontario Demcon focuses on most, if not all, of these topics and plans. They are one of the biggest conferences for any restoration industry to attend in Canada. They bring a wide variety of people to the table that have experienced a disaster to share what they have learned from them. They provide various speakers from all over North America to come to this conference and share their knowledge and concerns with what may happen with the climate in the near future.

DRIE (Disaster Recovery Information Exchange)

This is a membership-based organization that holds conferences to share information amongst all of its members when it comes to disaster restoration. They host quarterly meetings in which they share with all their members, very important information with regards to various different topics. Some including disaster recovery planning, crisis management, weather along with its impact, crisis communications and emergency response, to name a few.

They share information with all their members about all these topics and let them know about ways to move forward with handling recovering from disasters and ways they should proceed with it. Along with having great networking opportunities to either make improvements within your organization or simply share some of your own insight about concerns you may have regarding things you may think would be a better option.

These conferences are essential and bring a lot of insight into industries working in restoration.